Monday, February 1, 2016

best. concert. ever.

For Scott's birthday I decided to buy us him tickets to the Imagine Dragons concert.

We went with Scott's brother Chris and his wife Emily and our niece Brielle and her friend. The tickets we purchased were general admission...for the floor. Which means there was going to be a huge line right? Well, I got to the Energy Solutions Arena at 3 pm that day for our 8pm concert...and waited. Emily and Brielle came a little later and Scott brought me dinner when he finally got there....

The result?

This is where we were standing:

That's right people. The only thing between that stage and me was a fence. THE FENCE. This was my view for the rest of the night: (This picture was taken by fact that stupid arm right in from of him...was mine.)

It was was most definitely the best. concert. ever.

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