Sunday, October 20, 2013

Catch-up, or Catsup, or Ketchup, now I'm hungry...dang it.

I know, its been a long time.

Here is an overview:

-Master's student. (SUPER nerd alert) I am getting a Masters of Mathematics degree from Utah State University. And no, it is not online, I am taking classes only offered on campus and are taped, then I watch the recording. It makes it extra hard. I am about half-way through right now, and am about ready to toss in the towel. I have to keep reminding myself that I don't have to keep the 4.0 (i know right!) I have right now for the entire duration of my degree.

-Club soccer coach. I am officially a FIFA licensed coach, with an E right now. This winter I will be working on my D license and eventually my C. I coach for a local club called Arsenal. I have coached the U10 and U11 girls. It takes a lot of time! But I get paid the exact amount I need to pay for my masters so it works out.

-Department chair. I am the head of the Westlake High School Math Department right now. Its pretty time consuming, and I get paid extra, but not worth double the amount of parents, meetings, and paperwork. (So much paperwork)

-High school soccer coach. I just got done with the girls JV season for 2013. I coached them into their first wins ever in the history of the school, including a win over rival high school Lehi. (the mascot is the purple pioneer, what the heck?)

-work. This October marks one year since he became an official employee of Qartzdyne. I am still not entirely sure what he does, but he is now placed in a group with some other people from different departments of the company to get together and solve problems.

-Half marathon. Scott completed his first Half this year. With a time of 1:43. Up there with the Kenyans. Good job honey!

-Anniversary and birthday. He did an AMAZING job this year with our anniversary and my birthday. Finished the kitchen and got me some beautiful pearls!

-Ragnar. One of the last posts on here details my first Ragnar experience. Well, we have since run 2 more. In November we ran the Ragnar Las Vegas. That was a horrible experience because van 1 got over 2 hours behind and we had to leap frog. We just dropped people off at each of their starting points and just had to run before our new runners got to the drop off. Lame. We then were captains of a Ragnar team in June. That was a horrible idea. It was soooo stressful. People got hurt volunteers dropped out...good grief. But we finished 400 overall (out of 2500 teams). So that was cool.

-Half marathon. We both ran a half in Hawaii, more to come on that.

-Houston. Scott had a business trip this year in Houston. I decided to go with him, and that was boring. We barely had time to spend together and when we went to the beach in Galveston there was a HUGE thunderstorm, which turned out to be pretty cool with the lightning over the sea.

-Soccer. We went to a ton of ReAL games. We even went to a USA Men's National Team World Cup Qualifier!

-Ethan's visit. Ethan came twice!

And that about sums that up for us.
Hawaii post coming soon.