Monday, December 7, 2009

Counting today there are 13 days until we are in NORTH CAROLINA!

Cute pictures

Thanks to my friend Annelise, we have some wonderful pictures that are not wedding pictures, random camping pictures, or our amateur picture taking.

Here is the link to her wonderful pictures. Enjoy!

The Retreat Part 2

So when we left off, we were still lost. Good news-we found our way to the hotel-but not without some more laughs. We had to turn onto a couple of funny named roads. Arapahoe for example (a-wrap-a-hoe) and what I thought was pronounce Yo-si-might. Turns out it is something like Yo-sim-mitty. Oh well. Brittany made fun of me for like half an hour. "Is she being serious right now? Do you really pronounce it like that?" Good thing she had went to the bathroom when we stopped to get directions from that bar.
So we finally get to the hotel and low and behold, we have rooms. So, I went up to my room, tried to be as quiet as I could. The lady at the front desk told us that we were in rooms that only had one other person in them. And when I got up to my room, that is what it looked like. I got all ready for bed, and walked into the bedroom half of the hotel room--and both beds are occupied. Great. I get to pull out the couch, and it was horrible, trying to sleep on a pull out couch with too much room. I had to angle the pillows around me so that it seemed like it was just more than me in that bed.
The next morning, I met up with Brittany and heard her story. She is on the fourth floor (I was on the 8th) and after she had hauled all of her stuff up there and was ready to open the door--the little electronic thing was flashing not red and not green but yellow (when I say electronic thing, I mean the thingy that you put your key in and it opens the door...)
Well, she had to go all the way back downstairs, and tell the lady at the front desk. The conversation from the hotel attendant to Brittany's roommate kinda went like this:
"Hi, I'm calling to let you know that your roommate is here, and oops! You locked the dead bolt on your door! Can you kindly get up and let her in?"
"My roommate? What are you talking about? I'm married!"
"No, your roommate, for the conference?"
"I don't have a roommate, I'm married!"
This proceeded for about 5 minutes, until the roommate finally woke up, and was convinced that her roommate was here. And all this at 4:00 in the morning.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Brandee's Trip to Denver for Jan Harris Area Mary Kay Retreat PART 1=The drive---its a hoot

Okay, well the day started off okay...I guess. I still went to two of my three classes, and thought about showing up at the third one to sign the attendance and leave--but decided I should just go. I met up with Scott who was driving my friend and I to Idaho Falls to pick up another girl, then drive on to Utah. While I was in class, Scott had been packing--and I hadn't cleaned the house before we left, so of course, it stayed a mess. I picked up my friend Brittany, and we went on to IF to pick up Melissa. This first part of the drive was really boring.....
The more interesting part begins when we kick Scott out of the car in Tridell, spent all of ten minutes there, then got back on the road to Denver. It is dark by now at about 7:30 when we were leaving the tiny town of Vernal.
As, most of those reading this know, Dinosaur is the first town in Colorado one comes to on hwy 40, before the turn onto 64, and they also know the speed limit drops to 30 mph. I however, did not know that and when in doubt, in North Carolina, one drives 55. I was driving 55, and upon seeing the sign for 30, I began to slow down. As soon as I saw the sign, the pretty blue and red and white lights came on behind me. The officer comes to my window after making me sit there for about 10 minutes, and tells me he clocked me at 54. I said, "I know officer, I was going 55. Until I saw the sign and began to slow down." He said, "Well, it is 30 through here, and I have never not given anyone a ticket for driving that fast. License and registration please." I am thinking, are you kidding me?! I just told him that I was sorry, I admitted guilt...I could see the sign that said 30 in my rear view mirror. Melissa and Brittany were shocked too--until he came and told me how much he was going to charge me= $243! I was shocked. I couldn't even say anything. The cop explained to me the procedure, and Brittany had to say, "Okay, thanks officer." Because I had not spoken yet. Getting back on the road again, we had not even gone a quarter of a mile, and the speed limit went back up to 60. LAME.

Well, the rest was pretty good. We did not miss any turns, until we reached the outskirts of Denver. Because of my ticket, we had added a little extra time, and it was around 12:30 in the morning. I knew from the directions that we were supposed to get off on something that had a 6 in it and upon seeing the road that said hwy 6, I took it, not knowing it meant 6th Ave in downtown Denver to merge to hwy 25. This detour cost us an hour in what I am sure is beautiful countryside. There was a really turny part in the road and it dropped down to about 40 mph, and the line of cars got kind of tight, becuase I was try to going 40 and the person in front of me was not, I was pretty close on his tail, and he flipped me the bird...oh well.

Well, we finally got off the highway and saw some Denver lights, and went where we thought we were supposed to go. Brittany kept getting mad becuase the map quest maps we had were not very good. They had no major roads, and there was no help for where we were. So, we had the brillant idea of calling the hotel. So Brittany calls the hotel and asks how to get to where they are from where we are. (Keep in mind we are trying to find hwy 25) So, the hotel person said "well, just find 25." "That is what we are looking for." "Well, where are you again?" "We are on hwy 6." "Oh, I have no idea where that is." "Thanks anyway. (hung up). Brandee, it is 1:40 in the morning, the gas stations are closed our only chance of finding directions is getting to a bar. So lets go."

So Melissa is asleep by now, in fact she missed the entire detour, and when we pulled into the bar, she woke up--kinda. Brittany runs in and Mellisa says from the back seat, "Should I go in with her?" I said, "I would feel more comfortable if you would." "Okay." Then she just sits there. So, I wait a few minutes and say, "I'm gonna go and check on Brittany, you just stay here." "Okay." With no movement, Melissa stares off into space--I don't think she was awake yet.

Well, the bouncer at the bar gave us perfect directions, but as we got back onto a road that we had been wandering on, Brittany was like, "I wish we had a better map, or an atlas or something, this is driving me crazy!"

This is when I brilliantly reach behind the back of her seat, and pull out a big red atlas of all the states, and state, "Oh, you mean like this one?"

Monday, August 17, 2009


Scott and I decided that because it was a fee-free weekend we would go to visit Yellowstone, seeing as we are less than two hours away from it while we are here at BYU-I. We were there with everybody and his brother...and the president decided to show up today too. We spent all day starting at about 6:30 and leaving around 7. We finished the night off in a pizza place called the Gusher. Here are all the pictures and videos from Yellowstone:
These are the elk cows that were on the side of the road...and me standing like 8 feet from them. This is a mineral trail that one of the gysers made in the rock. Cool colors.
This is one of the gyser fields on the way to Old Faithful.
And this IS Old Faithful! My first time ever seeing it in real person....(statistically speaking, Old Faithful isn't really that faithful...but we'll let it go...)
This is evidence that the president was there....making a mess of everything....
These are some pictures of the buffalo that were super close to the road. This video is so cool. Everytime the bull makes a grunting noise...he sticks his tongue out.(Hee hee, the bus-a-joes!!)

These are the pictures of the pretty walls of the Canyon of Yellowstone. I love the pink! (of course)
The next pictures are of the Upper Falls in the same canyon. There are 328 steps leading down to the platform (which means there are 328 steps to go back up....)

The 4th of July

These arent really good pictures...

But Scott and I went to the parade in Rexburg on the morning of the 4th. We saw a couple of our teachers, and it was kind of weird to see them without button-ups and ties...There were some really wierd floats too. The Rexburg parade went on and on and on....It wasn't even a really big parade, it was just really slow, so it seemed like it was a long parade.

Then Scott and I went down to Idaho Falls to watch the Melaluca fireworks that come from the river. It was hot and then cold, and then hot...We sat in our chairs from 3 to about 10:30 at night. We got some sunburn! We tried some good food (this is where the yummy corn on the cob came from). We got a really good seat and settled in for some good old fashioned people watching until the fireworks started.

Mesa Falls

Little did Scott and I know, that in this desert there is an oasis on the way to Yellowstone Park, called the Mesa Falls. There are upper and lower falls, and on a rainy Sunday afternoon, Scott and I decided that we would go and see them.
These are the lower falls:
These are the upper falls, with
Scott and I posing by them:

It was really cold that day, and the water coming off of the falls was not making it any better. But they were really pretty and worth going to! If you ever come back up to should definitely go and check these out!

And just for my mom...a soccer picture...

This is a save Scott got a shot of...I'm next to the goal post in red (not burgandy...)

Summer fun...

Just thought I would put up a few pictures of our summer days... We like to have food made on the grill, go for bike rides, watch the sunset, go to the garden...

This is Scott's little grill. I have made some really yummy stuff on this little baby! Like corn on the cob, shish kabobs, steak, chicken, pizza, pinapple...just about everything!
Here are some pictures of our living room as it is right now...we are changing it around because we are bored of it right now....

Oops, forgot to post our pretty camping trip in Providence Canyon

When Scott and I decided to come down to Logan for a visit, we also decided that we would go camping. After driving up the canyon for a little while, and it was starting to get dark, we finally picked a spot that had a really great view....but a really deep slope. But we slept there anyway...slowly slipping down the hill...but the following pictures are of our cool camping spot, the awesome tent, the view...etc.
This is the tent that Scott and I got for getting married....its great. Its warm at night and its perfect for the two of us!

This is the cool outdoor oven thingy that we got for Christmas last year. We love it! And Scott says its easy to use, I have no idea, he is the only one that is allowed to touch it. I think the view behind him is awesome. Yea, we had breakfast looking at that!! So pretty!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

R Mountain? Don't you mean Hill?

Well, Scott and I finally decided to climb R Mountain--but instead of planning all week to have the trip and figuring out what to bring, we kind of planned on going about 10 minutes before we actually did. It was a fun climb, there was sand as the path (which made it kind of hard). We got up there and were able to go all the way around to see a beautiful sunset and a rain storm in the distance. The cool wind was filled with the smell and feel of rain. It was awesome.
These pictures on the left are of Scott and I facing the west side of R Hill.
The pictures on the right are of the flowers that I picked up there, didn't want to hold and put in the backpack Scott was carrying and of the crater that was once a volcano.
This is a video of Scott climbing an outcropping of rock...with my commentary. It got really windy so he had to come down, but it was cute to watch him climb it!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A semester in review.....

Here is our life for the past three months that you guys had no clue about:

January: Scott and I moved in. To our apartment we had never seen before, and quickly began searching for another apartment. Much to our chagrin, we had to stay in our basement we made it work.
We started school...thinking we could walk to campus from four blocks away. I got a job tutoring and Scott gave up his plasma biweekly.
We went to a comedy show with Kirby Heyborne and that guy who plays DeVerl. Here are some crazy pictures:

We also went snowboarding a few times. Scott and I now each have our own that makes it cheaper. We went on Saturday after it had just snowed about four inches in the valley, it was beautiful up in Kelly Canyon. So awesome...its pretty much the only thing that convinces us to do another winter here.

February: Scott and I had a wonderful Valentines day, and we celebrated being married for 6 months. We also had midterms, and went snowboarding again.
Scott and I had some fun being in the University Choir this semester too. We sang in devotional this month. Here is picture of us in our concert dress after sing a pretty rendition of Guide Me, Oh Thou Great Jehovah. The two devotionals are going to be aired on BYUTV on May 31 and June 14 at 10:00 am MST.

March: This month, we sang in devotional, sang for a thing called Hymn Fest, and had our concert (see below):
This song is called "I'm Runnin' On" by Mack Wilberg

There was much more to the concert, but who wants to sit through all that...again....
Also for all the die hard math lovers out there, there was PI DAY!! 3-14
This is part of the video of Scott at the Pi Day PIe eating contest:

April: We finally moved! We got a lucky break, and took over a contract at a place we were looking at....Finals came and went, we both did really well.

And that's all she wrote.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Just some wedding bliss

I thought I would share some of our wedding pictures:

This picture is one of my favorites. Scott and I were very loved that day!

I think that this picture is gorgeous too. Maybe because we haven't seen green in so long. I remember not being able to climb up on that bench. Scott had to pick me up and put me on it because I didn't want to get my dress dirty. Instead of helping me down though, he walked away and I had to jump into the dirt below. Oh well.
This picture took about 5 minutes for me to get it right. It hurt my hand, too. I told Scott that this was one picture we had to get, becasue if I was going to stand there like that, we better reap the benefits. And it turned out pretty!

If you know me, you know I love this picture, because I love shoes! There are a few more of these pictures in a few different places, and I love them all!

This is also another gorgeous picture. The wind picked up just enough to blow my veil. And we were thankful because it was a pretty warm day.

Anyway, just thought I would share some happy pictures with ya'll. I like looking at them because they have flowers and green and sun in them....unlike here. All this snow is getting to me. It is also hard to believe that these pictures were taken over 6 months ago! I can't believe it. Time is just flying.

To catch up:
Scott is singing in the choir during the priesthood session of conference.
I have already started the billions of meetings that come with being a director. (It's cool, a few meetings for a full scholarship.)
Midterm grades were great! Only 4 B's between us, and the rest A's. Being married boosted our GPAs......

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Scott and Brandee Clear Your Clutter Service

Are you tired of looking at that old couch, but don't know where to put it?

Do you want to move your t.v. cabinet out of sight, but don't know who could do it?

Then call the Scott and Brandee Clear Your Clutter Service!

Scott and Brandee are currently moving from a furnished apartment into and unfurnished apartment, and in the midst of all that, they are willing to perform this service for you!! So, if you have a couch you don't know what to with, and a t.v. cabinet you don't want to see anymore, call on Scott and Brandee!! They garuantee quality removal with a smile, and its absolutely free! That's right folks, they will do it for free!!! "We just want to help people," says Scott.

So give them a call!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our First Valentines....

Aw! Scott was so sweet to me....breakfast in bed, and a rose, and a game, and a heartfelt card...he loves me.

Well enough gushy stuff. While Scott and I have been at school it appears as though we have fallen off the face of the Earth....and figuratively we did. I mean who really chooses to go to college where your not sure if you should layer both your winter coats today, or pull out the parka. It has been snowing steadily while we have been here, and we have taken advantage of the beautiful snow by going snowboarding.

The first time we went there was lots of snow, with ice under falling hurt (falling hurts anyway, but when you add ice its much less fun.) Then the second time was perfect. It had just snowed the day before, and it didn't get that cold that night, so the powder was wonderful. We got there on time, (meaning still daylight) and all the lifts were open. We had a blast for about three and a half hours, with Scott trying his hand or his feet rather in the trick slope. You will have to ask him how that went. Then we topped off the day at this place called Big Jud's. I think Scott will agree in saying that we have had our fill of greasy hamburgers for the year after that huge burger.

We also have had some fun times with friends...trying to limit the amount of visitors to our dungeon apartment. It is becoming more like home. We are already looking for another place to live. Midterms are upon us and we must move out next semester.

Just thought I would catch ya'll up!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tyler's Visit......

Well, Tiny aka Tyler came to visit his big (well, older) sister in the frozen desert. After battling horrible weather, and making it safely home, we played guitar hero, until we realized how late it was and had to go to bed to make it to Colorado the next day. While we were there we went snow shoeing. It was a lot of hard work, but it was very fun. Thanks to Josh and Amanda and Addy for letting all of us stay up there!! p.s. I hope you all enjoyed Snickers!
Then, we came home from Colorado, and spent the next day doing absolutely nothing. Well, Tiny did. I packed. But the day after that, we went sledding. that was fun too. And a one time thing for me! I also took a video of Tyler going down the freakin big hill.

Then, Scott, Tyler and I went to Salt Lake for fun at First Night. We went on to Temple Square and onto the conference center for some cool pictures. Then we went ice skating and watched a pretty cool band with this guy drawing weird pictures, counted down until midnight...and Happy New Year!!

Our first Christmas

Well, I know I am very far behind on my blogging....sorry.

Scott had to work almost all day on Christmas Eve, so in my sadness and loneliness, I made cookies. I made Spritz, Forgotten, Old Fashioned Spice, Peppermint Meringes, Cornflake, White Velvet cut-outs, and Grandmom's thumbprint. They were tasty, and have lasted a whole lot longer than I thought was capable for cookies to last.

This next picture was taken on Christmas Eve too, before we went down to Wig and Steph's house for dinner. Its kinda dark, but we wanted to make sure you could see our pretty tree with all of our good stuff!!

Then, Christmas day, Scott and I went to pick up Tyler, my brother. It was a long scary drive, but read the next blog to find out what we did.