Wednesday, July 18, 2012

San Diego

Scott had a paid day off two weeks ago, so we decided to jump ship. By jump ship, I  mean leave the desert, and catch some sunshine and waves.
We began our trip on Thursday night, leaving around 8:00pm. We got there at about 7:00 am that morning, had some breakfast at Jamba Juice and waited until the zoo opened. Then we found a shady spot to park and headed in. Here is what happened!

First, we saw some really cute Meerkats! This one stood up for me. Super cute. 
 Then, I saw all of the holes. I immediately started singing,
 Dig a tunnah,
Dig digga tunnah
What was that?
Quick before the hyena come
Then we saw elephants! There were huge and dirty. This one was throwing dirt. Awesome. I sent this picture to my dad, because he loves elephants, and the terd never texted me back. 
 This one was yelling. It was really loud, and kind of stressful.
I was standing about 2 feet from the barrier in the front of this picture. I was going to take a picture of the one in the background, and then he came around the corner. I about dropped my phone!
 We walked and walked and walked and were looking for some shade or cooler areas or something, and decided to go to the frozen area of the zoo. Turns out, its out doors and it was hot anyway. Scott and I tried to get funny pictures with the animals, and this one was perfect. Before we took this picture, this polar bear was eating carrots out of a container. She was picking them up out of the container with her teeth and then putting them between her paws and gnawing away, but then she got tired, and just laid down and ate on her side. Scott decided he would help by holding her up.

 We got these super awesome tickets that let us get into the Zoo, SeaWorld and the Safari Park for unlimited times for a week for only $99, and included was the bus tour! Scott had never ridden in a double decker bus, so we got in line, and basically ran to the top. You can't tell, but we are pretty high.
From the our seat on the bus, we were almost eye-to-eye with this 17' giraffe! He is the biggest one at the zoo and is a baby daddy of all the babies there. In fact, there was a baby, and we had to go back after our ride to get a picture.
 He is 3 weeks old. You can't really tell how much smaller he is, but he is a doll.
 And here is my silly picture, it is supposed to look like the baby daddy giraffe is kissing me! What do you think?
Right before we left, we decided that we would take the air tram down to the gate. It was getting hot. And by hot, I mean 70 degrees. But, with a UV index of 11, it felt like, a bajillion degrees. 


Scott and I make a point of going to Diners, Drive-ins and Dives places no matter where we are. When we went to Boise on our one year anniversary, we went to Westside Drive-in. That place was awesome. Well, there were two places that Scott and I wanted  to visit while here in Sunny San Diego. The first one we visited had fish tacos that Guy said were awesome. So, standing in line for about 20 minutes...we finally ordered and sat down. We got calamari, crab pico, and two fish tacos a piece! Beer-battered cod, mahi-mahi, SWORDFISH, and something else I can't remember. 
We ate these like we were never going to eat again. There was a piece in there that was still the little squid or octopus or whatever! Just battered and fried and still shaped like that thing! Scott broke it before I could take a picture, and then we ate it! Then we go the rest of our was sooo much . We didn't finish it. And we felt realllly bad.
But it was good. Not as good as the pizza we had the next day...


The next day we decided to stay the day at the beach. We slathered in sunscreen at about 10 am, thinking it was early, as the travel site I went to said that most people get there at about noon. Well, it took about 15 minutes to find a parking space, and then we had to walk about 3 blocks. We played in the waves and took some long walks. The waves were so fun. Maybe too much fun...I was just minding my own business when the waves started to take me out to sea! I started to get pulled into the rip current and when I told Scott he laughed at me and said, Come on back closer! I was trying as hard as I could! I almost started to cry. When Scott saw that I was trying, the look on his face got worried. He walked out to me and tried to pull me back in, but every wave tried to pull me back out. After struggling for a couple minutes that felt like eternity, we finally made it back in. Within seconds of getting out of the current, the life guards told everyone to get out of the water at that exact spot I was stuck at because the current was too strong. 

You can't tell right now, but we go soooo burned its not even funny.


Oh. My. Gosh. This pizza was uh-may-zing. And I have even been to Tony's in Mooresville, and I am craving Pizza Luigi's right now instead. (Gasp! That is a cuss word in my parents house). Well, we went to this really is a dive. Like, I should have locked my wallet and phone in the glove compartment in my car dive. Like they only take cash dive. Like Scott held my hand very tight on the side-walk dive. It was scary. And the variety of people who came to the place were....interesting. But, standing in line we chose the pizza we wanted from the case, they reheated it...all 4 pieces of pizza that were bigger than my face, for $12! Holy crap that was cheap! And we got two drinks! I got margarita, and a spinach and ricotta, and Scott got the Capone (sliced meatballs, sausage, pepperoni) and something else that I can't remember.

The pizza was the best. It helped me forget that I was sooo sun burned on the back of my legs that the chair cutting into them hurt like the dickens. That is why I am grimacing in this picture.

I am kind of tired of typing about this, so I think I will just post the pictures!
 Here are four of the whales at Shamu Stadium. The video on facebook shows the funny noises they make!
 This is Mr. Turtle. He was moving so slow, I got a picture in front of him, and a video that took a lonnnnng time for him to move from the sand to the water.
This is the Cirque De La Mar Stadium. The giant white things on the blue stage are trampolines. They would jump off of them into the water. It was pretty cool.

So that was our trip to San Diego. We haven't done much since we have been back...oh wait, yea we have. So, I will post about those later.