Monday, August 17, 2009


Scott and I decided that because it was a fee-free weekend we would go to visit Yellowstone, seeing as we are less than two hours away from it while we are here at BYU-I. We were there with everybody and his brother...and the president decided to show up today too. We spent all day starting at about 6:30 and leaving around 7. We finished the night off in a pizza place called the Gusher. Here are all the pictures and videos from Yellowstone:
These are the elk cows that were on the side of the road...and me standing like 8 feet from them. This is a mineral trail that one of the gysers made in the rock. Cool colors.
This is one of the gyser fields on the way to Old Faithful.
And this IS Old Faithful! My first time ever seeing it in real person....(statistically speaking, Old Faithful isn't really that faithful...but we'll let it go...)
This is evidence that the president was there....making a mess of everything....
These are some pictures of the buffalo that were super close to the road. This video is so cool. Everytime the bull makes a grunting noise...he sticks his tongue out.(Hee hee, the bus-a-joes!!)

These are the pictures of the pretty walls of the Canyon of Yellowstone. I love the pink! (of course)
The next pictures are of the Upper Falls in the same canyon. There are 328 steps leading down to the platform (which means there are 328 steps to go back up....)

The 4th of July

These arent really good pictures...

But Scott and I went to the parade in Rexburg on the morning of the 4th. We saw a couple of our teachers, and it was kind of weird to see them without button-ups and ties...There were some really wierd floats too. The Rexburg parade went on and on and on....It wasn't even a really big parade, it was just really slow, so it seemed like it was a long parade.

Then Scott and I went down to Idaho Falls to watch the Melaluca fireworks that come from the river. It was hot and then cold, and then hot...We sat in our chairs from 3 to about 10:30 at night. We got some sunburn! We tried some good food (this is where the yummy corn on the cob came from). We got a really good seat and settled in for some good old fashioned people watching until the fireworks started.

Mesa Falls

Little did Scott and I know, that in this desert there is an oasis on the way to Yellowstone Park, called the Mesa Falls. There are upper and lower falls, and on a rainy Sunday afternoon, Scott and I decided that we would go and see them.
These are the lower falls:
These are the upper falls, with
Scott and I posing by them:

It was really cold that day, and the water coming off of the falls was not making it any better. But they were really pretty and worth going to! If you ever come back up to should definitely go and check these out!

And just for my mom...a soccer picture...

This is a save Scott got a shot of...I'm next to the goal post in red (not burgandy...)

Summer fun...

Just thought I would put up a few pictures of our summer days... We like to have food made on the grill, go for bike rides, watch the sunset, go to the garden...

This is Scott's little grill. I have made some really yummy stuff on this little baby! Like corn on the cob, shish kabobs, steak, chicken, pizza, pinapple...just about everything!
Here are some pictures of our living room as it is right now...we are changing it around because we are bored of it right now....

Oops, forgot to post our pretty camping trip in Providence Canyon

When Scott and I decided to come down to Logan for a visit, we also decided that we would go camping. After driving up the canyon for a little while, and it was starting to get dark, we finally picked a spot that had a really great view....but a really deep slope. But we slept there anyway...slowly slipping down the hill...but the following pictures are of our cool camping spot, the awesome tent, the view...etc.
This is the tent that Scott and I got for getting married....its great. Its warm at night and its perfect for the two of us!

This is the cool outdoor oven thingy that we got for Christmas last year. We love it! And Scott says its easy to use, I have no idea, he is the only one that is allowed to touch it. I think the view behind him is awesome. Yea, we had breakfast looking at that!! So pretty!