Monday, February 20, 2012

Now Thanksgiving

Now we can get to Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving this year was in Tridell. I decided that I was going to make my French Silk Pie, which, if you have had before, I am sorry that you just drooled on your lap. This turned out to be a big deal because my cookie dough loving husband did not want a pie with raw eggs. It turned into quite a sore spot between us. So I made the pie normally, and wouldn't you know it, it was the first pie gone, and I was asked to make 2 next year. In your face Scott. Just kidding, love you. (but really, you eat my cookie dough..what is the difference?)

I love going to Thanksgiving in Tridell because, well many things, but one of the things that I like the most is the cranberry sauce that the Merkley's make. Cranberries, oranges and other stuff and love, and a few hours later, BAM! Deliciousness.

Anyway. Mia had a blast out on the farm! She loves all the open space to run around and even chased down a few prairie dogs.

But wait, aren't you wondering if I got sick? And the answer yes, I did. I got an awful cold that is just now going away. Thanks.

Thanksgiving or Halloween?

I think I have to go back to November. Or possibly October.

First there was the family reunion, which means that it was time for me to get sick. I always get sick, every time 2 or more Merkley families with children get together and we are there, I get sick. It started out really fun. We played Koob (I think that is how you spell it, and Mom, I think the boys would LOVE this game.) I made survival bracelets and got blisters from pulling the para cord so tight. We watched the BYU football game on a huge screen. I made birthday spaghetti. And then I got sick. Let me tell you, getting sick at Camp Hunt is not fun. First of all, Scott and I were staying in the loft of the director's cabin, and there is one bathroom and you can hear everything that goes on in there, and no street lights to see by. And, I am terrified of the dark. So, I had to wake Scott up to take me to the mess hall. Well, we went around the front, using the squeakiest door and the front door to the mess hall was locked. Scott had to go alll the way around to open it for me. Then, I ran to the bathroom, which has a realllly hard tile floor and kind of high toilets. I barely made it the first time. And it was scary in the dark. I had to turn on a light and the fan every time I went in there. Once, I tried not turning on the light because it was so bright, and I walked into a bowl that was sitting on the floor. Morning finally came, and I was still not feeling better. Scott decided that we should go home, and I puked in the car in a Sonic cup. I have not had Sonic since.

But I got better. I bought a car! Yay! But I have no pictures of it for you, because I am having difficulty finding where I put the camera for safe keeping. I hate it when I do that.
Anyway, I have a 2006 Mazda3. It is a 5-speed manual, with a moon-roof, 6cd changer and 400miles to my 12 gallon tank. Boo-yah.

Also, we had our first Trick-or-Treaters! We almost didn't have any, and then there was basically the entire neighborhood. I had fun at the beginning, and then I just got tired. Not only did I have to hand out candy, but Mia wanted to jump on everyone. Scott thought that it would be unfair to have her stay outside all night, so every time I went to the door, I had to hold her back on her leash. The medium-kids thought it was cool. My favorite trick-or-treater was this little girl about lets say 3 turning 4 dressed as a rock star. She had huge, crimped hair, gloves with no fingers, sunglasses shaped like stars, leggings, miniskirt....wait...I think I am describing most teenage girls who graduated in '88......anyway, she also had one of those little mics for a play karaoke machines. When I asked her what she was, she cocked her head to the side, put her hand on her hip, held the mic up and sang, "I'm a rockstar!" in her best impression of Tina Turner. It was awesome. She was cute.

If I take any pictures of my car, or find the camera, I will post them eventually.