Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tyler's Visit......

Well, Tiny aka Tyler came to visit his big (well, older) sister in the frozen desert. After battling horrible weather, and making it safely home, we played guitar hero, until we realized how late it was and had to go to bed to make it to Colorado the next day. While we were there we went snow shoeing. It was a lot of hard work, but it was very fun. Thanks to Josh and Amanda and Addy for letting all of us stay up there!! p.s. I hope you all enjoyed Snickers!
Then, we came home from Colorado, and spent the next day doing absolutely nothing. Well, Tiny did. I packed. But the day after that, we went sledding. that was fun too. And a one time thing for me! I also took a video of Tyler going down the freakin big hill.

Then, Scott, Tyler and I went to Salt Lake for fun at First Night. We went on to Temple Square and onto the conference center for some cool pictures. Then we went ice skating and watched a pretty cool band with this guy drawing weird pictures, counted down until midnight...and Happy New Year!!

Our first Christmas

Well, I know I am very far behind on my blogging....sorry.

Scott had to work almost all day on Christmas Eve, so in my sadness and loneliness, I made cookies. I made Spritz, Forgotten, Old Fashioned Spice, Peppermint Meringes, Cornflake, White Velvet cut-outs, and Grandmom's thumbprint. They were tasty, and have lasted a whole lot longer than I thought was capable for cookies to last.

This next picture was taken on Christmas Eve too, before we went down to Wig and Steph's house for dinner. Its kinda dark, but we wanted to make sure you could see our pretty tree with all of our good stuff!!

Then, Christmas day, Scott and I went to pick up Tyler, my brother. It was a long scary drive, but read the next blog to find out what we did.