Monday, December 29, 2008

Getting our Tree

My first real tree. That I have cut down. Well, seen cut down. The following pictures are Scott cutting down our great tree...and the after pictures of the decorated tree.

This is Happy Scott, posing to take a picture to satisfy me.

Our pretty tree, almost all the way down!

And the tree all done!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Black Friday...aptly named.

Well, the day started off crazy. I had to work. At 5. I didn't even know there was one of those in the morning.

The doors opened as I got there.
I have never seen so many people move that fast.

About half way through the day, all associates got called into the break room, and we learned of the tragic death of a fellow associate in the New York/New Jersey store. After opening the door for the crazy people, they trampled him to death. It was a sad day, after that.

Anyway, after a trying day....I get picked up by Scott to go to the Jazz game! That was fun..

There was a heated verbal team spirit argument between an 11 year old jazz fan and an 11 year old kings fan (ages are guessed to protect the true identities). After one would yell "Go Jazz!" there would be a resounding "Go Kings!" or my favorite, "Come on Jazz, we have faith in you!"
It was entertaining, and it lasted the entire game!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Feast--or Fiasco?

Who was I kidding, making my own Thanksgiving dinner. There was the stuffing, and the potatoes, and the corn, and the rolls, and can't forget the turkey. All of these expectations to uphold. If I ruined this dinner.....what would become of my cooking reputation?

Heehee, just joking. Thanksgiving was great! The turkey was really good, and yes, with only two people and one helping each, we are up to our ears in left-overs. And I made everything that I was used to having on Thanksgiving. Scott was in for a real treat with my grandmother's (I don't know what recipe belonged to for the sake of argument, grandmothers is now a collective noun) corn pudding and potato casserole.

It was fun. It was fattening. (And I am never wearing that shirt in front of a camera again.) (Promise.)