Saturday, November 1, 2008


Yesterday as the nation began its preparations for the scary holiday, one group of people, too old to trick-or-treat, too young to have their own trick-or-treaters, waited in anticipation. A party was planned, that included caramel apple making, game playing, movie watching, the usual as parties go. But this party was different. The treat part of Halloween flying from their minds, the men in the party decided to steal the dry ice that was used as a decoration for the limeade juice (made to look as if bubbling over) to make dry ice bombs.
As any good boy scout knows, always be prepared, and when the time came to look for a bottle to make the bomb, one boy, John Gillman, supplied the rest of the men, Trent Simmons and Scott Merkley, with enough bottles to take on Japan.
Gillman brought in the bottles, Simmons filled them with water, Merkley added ice. Then the group waited. There was a loud explosion. There was laughter. Then in the midst of it all, headlights could be seen and a car door slam could be heard.
Then, another bang. Looking at each other...all knowing what the other was thinking...."we didn't throw another bomb.." went out to the front yard to cautiously look around.
The trash can, which was housed at the end of our driveway, was careened out of position. Top off and on its side, it appears to have been hit by the terrified father of the young trick-or-treaters that were deceived by the porch light which had remained on.
With the thought of the dry ice bomb in their minds and the trick-or-treaters leaving fresh in their thoughts, I think the group has learned its lesson.

Don't leave your trash can at the end of the driveway, someone could hit it.