Sunday, October 26, 2008

I Hate Haunted Walk-throughs

Well, for starters, I got a job! Yay! So if you are ever in Vernal, come by the frozen department! I work in zero degrees. Fun. The good news is that I will be ready for Rexburg weather.
Speaking of Rexburg, Scott and I can go to school...with the bill paid for by the feds!! Interesting bit'o'info: the apartment complex sent back our application because we didn't add landlord information to it. Good grief. This is the same lady who keeps only four hours a week in the office. Lets not even go there.
Yesterday Scott and I went to Lagoon Frightmares. I got two free tickets from work for free and we traveled to Salt Lake. The rides were awesome. The weather was great. The candy apple I begged for was delicious, and went right to my hips. The lines were horrible. And I cried, I was so scared at the stupid walk-through. It's like they preyed on me. Scott said that I looked too scared, and they just had a field day. Well good for them. Tomorrow for family home evening we are going to go the corn maize. So that will be fun. As long as I don't psych myself out. But it was totally fun!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Now what?

For those of you who don't know me very well...I love to read. I love reading. But, now that I am finished with the Twilght books, what do I read now? Now what? Nothing I tell you. After them, there is nothing that compares. I will have to start my love of reading all over again.
See Spot run......
See Dick play. See Jan laugh.....
Other news: I know you don't believe us, but Scott and I actually did get a lot out of conference, regardless of the wonderful picture of us on Stephanie's blog. Just for the record.
I have been able to get a job. You are looking at the new ICS member of the Wal-mart group. Yipee. Pretty much I get to walk around and fix everything. I am a perfectionist so getting paid over $10 to work on my OCD is great. And because everywhere in Vernal is hard pressed for people to work, I got to pick my own hours. So that was wonderful.
Scott and I are going to have a haunted dinner Halloween party. If any of you have any ideas for scary dishes that I can serve to four men who work hard labor jobs (translation: very hungry boys) and their wives, it would be awesome!!