Friday, June 24, 2011

The Trip to NC: Part II

Well, I know that you have been dying to hear what we did! Well, first, we caught up on some lost sleep. Then on Monday, Scott went to work with my dad building stairs...(oo, fun..) and my mom and lounged around the house, eating popsicles. Then, on Tuesday I went to get a haircut. I now have an incredibly short a-line style, which I think looks really cute.

Then on Wednesday we went to Carowinds. It was a very hot day...about 96 or so. And in an amusement park it is even hotter! But that did not stifle my excitement!

Me...You're gonna love this place! I've been here a million times!

Scott....Okay, I believe you.

After riding what I thought was my favorite ride, "The Hurler" and being whipped around so much I thought my ears would bleed the next time they banged into the seat restraint, this is what I had to say,

Me....That used to be much more fun.


So we rode what we could, and then decided to hang out in the water park. That was really nice. My favorite "ride" in the water park was the Lazy River.

We had decided before hand to stay all day, ya know, get our money's worth. But when we got there and were sweating buckets waiting in line, we quickly changed our minds. Good thing too, right after we left, we stopped to get dinner and while we were waiting in the drive through, there was a flash thunderstorm with raindrops the size of golfballs.

So we drove home in the rain; sweaty, sunburned, and feeling old.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Trip to NC: Part I

We just spent a beautiful two weeks with my family! We started out the trip right after I got out of school...and left about 2.5 hours after I wanted to. We made it to Laramie, WY and drove right past our hotel. We tried to pull up the hotel on our GPS, but we had no service on our phones. After driving around for a while, we finally stopped at gas station. The attendant said he didn't know, but he would get a map. I was thinking an old fashion map because we had the address but he just whipped out his verizon phone and found it. Dang t-mobile.

We had to leave Mia in the car, which was hard, but thankfully our window had a perfect vantage point of the car. After sleeping in a barely 2-star hotel, we left for Columbia. Along the way, Mia had to stop to pee at every fill up, and we think she peed in like 10 different states. We finally made it to Columbia late that night and Scott's Aunt Sharon and Uncle Jack were very gracious hosts. (The bed in their guest room hugs you back I swear.)

We left early that morning and made it to my parents house late that night. My sisters were already sleeping and did not wake up. Goof balls. I liked walking around and seeing all of the work that my parents have been doing to their house. And so our first night of our two week stay we sleep in the room where all of my brothers clothes are located and the box spring on the bed is the loudest I have ever heard. It was all I could do to keep from moving so it didn't wake up the neighbors.