Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our First Valentines....

Aw! Scott was so sweet to me....breakfast in bed, and a rose, and a game, and a heartfelt card...he loves me.

Well enough gushy stuff. While Scott and I have been at school it appears as though we have fallen off the face of the Earth....and figuratively we did. I mean who really chooses to go to college where your not sure if you should layer both your winter coats today, or pull out the parka. It has been snowing steadily while we have been here, and we have taken advantage of the beautiful snow by going snowboarding.

The first time we went there was lots of snow, with ice under it....so falling hurt (falling hurts anyway, but when you add ice its much less fun.) Then the second time was perfect. It had just snowed the day before, and it didn't get that cold that night, so the powder was wonderful. We got there on time, (meaning still daylight) and all the lifts were open. We had a blast for about three and a half hours, with Scott trying his hand or his feet rather in the trick slope. You will have to ask him how that went. Then we topped off the day at this place called Big Jud's. I think Scott will agree in saying that we have had our fill of greasy hamburgers for the year after that huge burger.

We also have had some fun times with friends...trying to limit the amount of visitors to our dungeon apartment. It is becoming more like home. We are already looking for another place to live. Midterms are upon us and we must move out next semester.

Just thought I would catch ya'll up!