Monday, May 16, 2011


I know, I know, you all want pictures of my house and my puppy....but I just wanted to say that we love rugby! Scott and I went to the BYU rugby game two weeks ago, to a couple of my students rugby games and then we watched BYU rugby on Saturday and hopefully going to the College Premier League final on Saturday!

The first BYU game we went to was super fun! We had really good seats and watched them beat Navy 64-12. Before the slaughter was over, Scott leaned to me and asked, "Should we be worried about our nation's protection?"

A couple of my students play rugby for Herriman Rugby Club. They jokingly invited me to their game on Saturday. Boy were they surprised to actually see me! The 9/10 grade team won their semi-final game against United 62-7 and face off against Highland (yes the famous team from Forever Strong) in two weeks at University of Utah. That will also be a fun game to watch.

Then, after we went to that game we watched the California vs Utah and the BYU vs Arkansas semi-final games. We will be going to see the BYU vs California in the final at Rio Tinto stadium on Saturday. It is going to be awesome!

Anyway, everything here is great....I have currently misplaced my camera, so there are no pictures for the time will know when I find it!