Sunday, July 12, 2009

R Mountain? Don't you mean Hill?

Well, Scott and I finally decided to climb R Mountain--but instead of planning all week to have the trip and figuring out what to bring, we kind of planned on going about 10 minutes before we actually did. It was a fun climb, there was sand as the path (which made it kind of hard). We got up there and were able to go all the way around to see a beautiful sunset and a rain storm in the distance. The cool wind was filled with the smell and feel of rain. It was awesome.
These pictures on the left are of Scott and I facing the west side of R Hill.
The pictures on the right are of the flowers that I picked up there, didn't want to hold and put in the backpack Scott was carrying and of the crater that was once a volcano.
This is a video of Scott climbing an outcropping of rock...with my commentary. It got really windy so he had to come down, but it was cute to watch him climb it!