Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Kitchen!

Well, I will eventually get around to three events that occurred at the end of last year: Hawaii, Butch Cassidy 10K, ReAL Salt Lake MLS Final in Kansas City, Scott's Christmas party at Rio Tinto Stadium and visiting NC, but first--here is a look at my new kitchen!

I redid the color, and we got a new table, and Scott and I made an ingenious pet closet!

So, the color is a beautiful mint green! With it up against my white cabinets and future white subway tile, I think it looks amazing!

Here is our new table...that we got for basically 50% off. There are two more barstools that we are going to pick up eventually.

Here is the cool cabinet that Scott and I made out of a wardrobe from Ikea! It is supposed to stand up tall, but we rotated it 90* and then put the doors on a hinge to each other so they would un-attach from the magnets we put in and fold onto each other. We hide all of our pet stuff in it.

We think its pretty nifty. Anyway, more to come on that other stuff...soon. I hope..