Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Pup

I think that it is time to post a couple pictures of our puppy. I will go in order, so that you can see how she has already gotten older and bigger.
This is the absolute cutest picture of Mia. When we first brought her home, she did not like the tile at all. She would only walk on it to get to the carpet. She also would not walk on the patio out back either. This is still her favorite place to lay down when we are in the kitchen.
We have actually recently discovered that the toy that Mia has destroyed here was good when she was not teething. She is currently loosing all of her teeth and biting everything. Everything. She figured out that there was a squeaker in this toy and that is what she wanted. Just the squeaker.

Mia loves to sleep. She is a lazy puppy. This is one of the cutest little sleeping pictures. I don't know how she ended up having two blankets outside, but she is holding one in her paws, and the blue out is like a pillow on her. Super cute.
This is Mia in Provo waiting for Scott. She loves the grass. When I first put her down on it, she rolled around and lounged. She only picked up her head long enough for me to get a picture.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Easter in St George (still catching up)

After Great Basin National Park, Scott and I went down to St. George.
We had an Easter egg first one in red rocks and no grass! But those rocks were fun to climb on.
I decorated my first Easter egg, which I decorated to be a soccer ball, and Eliza put a cute face on it to make it look like it was being kicked!We also decided to take a practice Christmas picture...then I realized we didn't have our puppy yet! But here ya go, that is a sheer cliff behind me...I was terrified.

Catch-up: Lehman Caves!

Scott and I went camping in Great Basin National Park. It was freezing! When we woke up that morning, there was frost on the car! Yay for our mummy bags. Anyway, we then went on the cave tour. Here are some pictures from the cave!Scott is on the back of the one that I am standing next to below.

I like this one because it looked like an organ on this side.

The Trip to NC: Part IV

We went to the BEACH! For this post you should just look at my mom's blog:

The Trip to NC: Part III

We went to a couple of graduations.
Kirsten: Finally finished kindergarten! She was so cute!Hayleigh: She was promoted to the 6th grade! A middle school girl!

Tyler's graduation! Yay! He did it. He also has goofball hair
And, in other news about that, it was about 95 degrees outside, and we started 40 minutes late. The graduates had to be in line at 8, for graduation at 9. A few of them decided not to show up until about 9:30. Punks.