Monday, February 1, 2016

august adventures: grand cayman island

Since this blog is still entitled the Adventures...I decided to fill you in on a couple adventures we had last year.

Grand Cayman Island:

Our first night was SO pretty. This was the sunset at the beach right outside our hotel. 


This is a starfish we found BY OURSELVES! After hiking to place called...Starfish Point. 

So, they drive on the other side of the road's actually quite difficult to do...I may or may not have almost killed us..twice. 

This was an excursion we did that took us to three different places to snorkel and to a place called Sting Ray City. It is a sandbar where fisherman use to dump their extra bait before heading in to shore. The sting rays decided that was a perfect place to camp out to eat the free food and have been there ever since. 

We obviously have a TON more pictures, but these four sum up our vacation pretty nicely. 

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