Monday, February 1, 2016

august adventure: chicago

After I got back from Grand Cayman Island, Emily, Brielle, and I went to Chicago. 

We spent a couple days touring and eating our way through the city!

We visited the coolest candy store ever,  picked up some iconic popcorn, and took a walk down the Pier.


The next day we visited the Chicago Hot Dog festival...enough said. We also visited the BEAN at Millennium. Park.



The next day...was a pretty full day...the Sears Tower (now called the Willis Tower), then Brielle and I went to the Museum of Natural History...then we RAN across town to meet MIA HAMM who is my childhood HERO. {there were only a FEW tears involved.}

This is looking down...over 300 stories up. Barf. 


This is Brielle...picking the nose of the Tyrannosaurus Rex head..its in this box because it is too heavy to put with the rest of the reconstructed skeleton on the first floor. It is the most complete skeleton in the world! {and were acting like classy women around it, clearly}

Since the 1999 Women's World Cup, this woman has been my idol. Emily texted me while Brielle and I were at the museum...about a 40 minute walk from the hotel...and we ran/walked/took a cab to get to her hotel as fast as we could to get a picture with her. It was amazing.



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