Sunday, November 22, 2015

san fran.

Since this blog is still called the "Adventures of Brandee and Scott," I figured that maybe I should post some adventures.

Here is our visit to San Fransisco to visit the city, watch ReAL at the new Avaya Stadium, and to visit my bestie: Kristin!

Our visit starts in an amazing breakfast place before the soccer game. Yes...that is soft-shell crab eggs Benedict I am eating...while Scott is eating a breakfast beef stew thing.

life changing.

This is dessert. From our breakfast. Breakfast dessert. It's a thing.

This is apparently the only picture we have of the soccer game. We were not sitting in the visitor's supporter section, and because we were winning we tried to kind of keep to ourselves. Avaya Stadium is a stadium bragging the biggest outdoor we did not want to mix with a bunch of drunk angry soccer fans. The game ended 1-0 and we quickly and quietly left after the final whistle to walk what felt like 100+ miles back to our car.

After the game we traveled to our hotel in what was most likely the scariest ride ever. Not only were we in a rental car (a Kia Soul) in a city neither of us had been to, but it was also night and raining so hard we had to yell at each other to hear over the sound of rain on the car. And I don't know if you know this, but San Fransisco's streets are not flat. It was mostly just a game of chicken with every hill.

Our hotel was right on Lombard street in San Fransisco, a couple blocks from Ghirardelli,  the Golden Gate Bridge, and Fisherman's Wharf. We took a walk the next morning. And by walk I mean we almost died as we were walking UP streets that I swear were steeper than some stairs I have traversed. This was our first view of the bridge. Apparently, during this time of year it can get really foggy..but we were lucky. It was beautiful weather the whole time.

We hiked to the top of Crooked Street, which is part of Lombard. What a cool road! And people live on it! Cray cray.

It was really sunny that morning, and I am very bad at taking pictures with the sun. The one on the right was the best one we could get..and for laughs, I will post one of the bad ones {see left}...These are from when we walked down Crooked Street to the bottom.

Later that day, we decided to rent some bikes. We went on a 20+ mile bike ride..including going over the Golden Gate Bridge!

 Good thing Scott is here. Else the bridge fall.

We stopped at a little outdoor restaurant to get some seafood fare lunch...and it was such a warm lazy day, we had some company.

That night, we decided we deserved some chocolate. because ya know, 20+ miles REALLY hurts when you are not used to riding a bike that long. It was amazing.

This picture is Scott's contribution to the Ghirardelli pictures. Not the beautiful building or the incredibly HUGE sundae that we shared. No, Scott's contribution is the machinery. Not surprised. Once an engineer, always an engineer. He was like a kid in a chocolate shop....

The next day we decided to take a drive over the bridge and up by Muir Woods. We had actually biked right by it the day before, but decided to drive this time. Good thing too, a small rainstorm came while we were out at the beach and it would have been miserable.

This picture is me doing a yoga move. There is a lady that I follow on insta who does just way cool yoga moves in way cool places. Here is my contribution. It was actually scarier than it appears...there was a wicked amount of wind, and you can't see it, but there is a sign that says don't cross the fence, loose rock....

Muir Woods is a beautiful place. If you are ever in San Fransisco, and have a couple of hours to kill and good shoes, you should go there. Nothing makes you feel small like GIANT trees.

 To top that adventure off, we finished with a pretty rainbow over the city.

Scott went home the next morning and I stayed to meet up with bestie Kristin and her kids! We went hiking at Yosemite National Park. I had heard it was beautiful and it was, however it made me very aware of how severe of a drought California is in..

Silly faces with Carmen.

Wonder Woman! Now includes: Carmen and Oliver at no extra charge!

I got this picture on the way back to the airport hanging my phone out of the car. That buidling down in the front is the Ferry Building, right by Fisherman's Wharf. It was a way cool trip and a way cool view to end on!

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